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Susan's Birthday

>> Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening with David and Susan at Hinterland.
The occasion? Susan's birthday!!!
No big dinner, friends sharing appetizers.

Don ordered the chili shrimp and David ordered the ginger calamari.

Susan ordered the Halibut cheeks and I ordered the Artisanal cheese plate (sorry no picture).

The birthday girl was presented with a peanut butter and chocolate torte.

I think the birthday girl liked it all.


Saturday Morning Farmer's Market

Good way to spend Saturday morning. The produce was so fresh.
I bought strawberries from the happy two above.

Did ya know? Green Bay has operated a Farmers' Market since 1917.

The Booyah to Yah company sign had me smiling. I couldn't resist snapping a picture.
Classic Green Bay food. Booyah and Cheese curds (best eaten warm, because they squeak between your teeth).
I personally like the yellow cheese curds vs. the white ones.
However, I did pass them up today. They are so deliciously addicting.

I bought a great aged cheddar cheese (Farmstyle Cheddar)  from the Saxon Creamery.
It is hard and crumbly like a parmesan.
When Don is home from the races tomorrow, we'll enjoy the afternoon in our adirondack chairs and have a patio picnic of the aged cheddar, grapes, sliced green apples, walnuts, and proscuitto.

and just a note of thanks to Sarah abeachcottage for her inspiration for today's blog. She leads the way!


Doesn't Have to Cost a Latte

>> Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Espresso machines can be very expensive.
I didn't want to spend that much. The espresso maker, Kaffe, and whisk are from IKEA.
Love it!

12 ox. fresh water in the lower chamber.
6 Tbsp EspressKaffe in the metal filter, also in the lower chamber

Heat either on the stove or hot plate.
When the hissing(not bubbling) sound starts, remove from burner.

Pour 2-3 oz in bottom of cup

Heat 4 oz milk (I use skim) in the microwave. (1.5 minutes)
Whisk hot milk just at the surface until foamy. Pour in cup on top of espresso.



>> Monday, June 20, 2011

Dancing at Kyle & Ashley's wedding (a week after Cammie's).
Mary Ann, Kathy (mother of the groom), Joan and Ellen.


Fyr Bal Festival No. 9

>> Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cammie, Kayla, Jenna, Robert, Mary Ann, Don, Justin together for the 9th year to celebrate
Fyr Bal. A tradition of early Norwegians celebrating Midsummer's Eve.

Must stop at the Confectionary and fill purses with candy!!!!!!

The bonfire teepees on the shore have been built to be lit this evening. The evening bonfires represent the burning of the Winter and ushering in the long days of summer.

Everyone is starting to gather at Bob and Nan Evanson's cottage.

Host and Hostess, complete with helmets and Gnorman, the Gnome. Pictured in the book is Gnorman's match from "". A female gnome. Could she be the next Gnorma?

Frogmore Stew  is on the burner.

Outdoor feast = 25 guests

Dusk has fallen, the bonfires have been lit. Seated on the beach awaiting the fireworks.


Fyr Ball Eve 2011

>> Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's here.......Fyr Ball 2011

Don, Mary Ann and Kayla (Cammie's college roommate)
leave Green Bay
arrive at Eagle Harbor
head to JJs in Sister Bay
rondevous with Cammie and Justin
nachos, salsa and guacamole
Back to Eagle Harbor for a deep sleep, no alarms!

I was surpised how fast we rolled out of bed.
Miel Lattes at Base Camp.
Shopping at Ecology Sports.


For new runners-you never run alone

>> Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When I first started running, I enlisted the help of Nike+ and my IPOD nano. Nike+ gives you weekly running goals to help you successfully train for a 5K, 10K or Marathon. (Beginner or Experienced)

In my ear while I was running, I found on Itunes, FREE podcasts to download. They are called GET FIT POD. It is like having a coach in your ear as you are running.

The interval training podcasts started me off right. Early on, I think I probably memorized #98, The Walk and Jog Workout. I also memorized #96 Brisk Interval Treading Workout.

5K was last years goal for races.
This year, 10K.


Cammie and Justin sittin' in a tree

>> Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 1, 2004, they started dating
February 14, 2009, Justin proposed
August 7, 2010, they married


The bluebird of happiness

>> Friday, June 10, 2011

I saw a bluebird this evening sitting on the shepherds hook where the bird feeders are hung. I have never seen one in the yard before.

BLUEBIRD - denotes spiritual joy and contentedness, foretells happy conditions in one's life.

There is a well known song called BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS (utube link)

The beggar man and his mighty king are only diff'rent in name,
For they are treated just the same by fate.
Today a smile and tomorrow tears,
We're never sure what's in store,
So learn your lesson before too late, so

Be like I, hold your head up high,
Till you find a bluebird of happiness.
You will find greater peace of mind
Knowing there's a bluebird of happiness.
And when he sings to you,
Though you're deep in blue,
You will see a ray of light creep through,
And so remember this, life is no abyss,
Somewhere there's a bluebird of happiness.

Life is sweet, tender and complete
When you find the bluebird of happiness.
You will find perfect peace of mind
When you find the bluebird of happiness.
Two hearts that beat as one,
'Neath a new found sun,
We are in a world that's just begun,
And you must sing his song, as you go along,
When you find the bluebird of happiness.

I remember watching this movie with my dad when I was a kid.


Jumping Salmon, TGIF

Originally, I posted the heading Jumping Trout.

The creator (Don) corrected me, Salmon. Kudos to me that  I checked my sources.

The plants he lives in (Curly Willow, Catmint, Irises) are thriving as they get the benefit of a mist sprinkler we have in Rocky's dog run, when Rocky comes to visit.

A picturesque blog for the beginning of a beautiful weekend and the end of a hellish week.

TGIF, and again I say, TGIF.


First Flowers of the Garden

>> Sunday, June 5, 2011

This week's flowers from the garden.

 Forget-me-nots. Brought these home from the cottage several summers ago.
I am sorry to say, I would have had more blooms, but did not rescue them from the lawnmower.
They have now spread out into the grass.

Lily of the Valley. They grow like a weed at my front door.
One of the first to bloom.

 I think they call these wild geraniums. They smell fresh like a rose.

White Lilac from the bush on the corner of the house. The house smells great!!!


Orange Sherbet

>> Saturday, June 4, 2011

After golfing this afternoon, we enjoyed chicken, potato salad and orange sherbet.
There is a great recipe, Swimming Pool Orange Sherbet, found in Screen Doors and Sweet Tea (one of my favorite cookbooks). After making it many times, I have adapted it. Here is my version.

Orange Sherbet(Makes 1 1/2 quarts)

2 cups orange juice
1 5.3 oz Greek yogurt with honey
Whisk the yogurt into the orange juice.

2 tbsp lemon juice
dash of salt
Add the lemon juice and salt.

Skim Milk to fill

Turn the ice cream maker on. Pour the thoroughly whisked orange juice, yogurt, lemon juice and salt mixture into the turning ice cream maker. My Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream maker has a hole in the top for just that purpose.

Add skim milk until the liquid is close to the top but still has some room to freeze and expand. This sherbet is a soft serve dessert.



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