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Father's Day

>> Monday, June 17, 2013

What was I thinking? On Father's Day I didn't get any pictures.

In fact, when Don announced he was cooking for Father's Day dinner (with Cammie, Justin, Trey, Erik, Brandon, Joe, David and Susan), I raised my head "Oh yeah, that is tomorrow". (DUH!)


A reminder on my iPhone to register for classes in January, because I will forget during the holiday frenzy.
A reminder on my iPhone for special holidays and birthdays, but I have it set wrong, maybe too early, it's not working. 

I am pretty certain my 95 year old grandmother didn't live her long life marching to the tune of her iPhone. But then again, she did not exist in this whirling dervish that I do.

Interesting NY Times wrote about it.  Is your life too structured?




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