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Sunday, Father's Day 2012

>> Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day  was originally planned to be celebrated on the boat in Arizona and visiting in Colorado Springs on the flight home.
A gall bladder attack(s) interrupted all that. The Good wasn't gallstones.  That is really good news!

So Sunday, Father's Day, was spent quietly at home, walking through the Shawano swap meet, planting a new birch in honor of Don, and at the end of the day, relaxing in the hammock. It was so nice, could I order another Sunday, please?


Ode to Dad

>> Saturday, June 16, 2012

In honor of their Father, I asked my kids why they thought their dad is a great dad.....and here is their responses.

Cammie: Hmmmm, He's hard working, funny, treats me like a princess, fixes my car, quotes movies at the dinner table and always helps me out when I start the conversation with "daaadddddyyyyy...?" in a little girl voice.

Erik: He can do anything.  He's the first one I call.


Sterling Rocky and me

>> Monday, June 11, 2012

Sterling was a faithful dog. Walked me and the girlfriends almost every night for 10 years. In the early years people would observe the 4 of us with the Siberian Husky and ask "Who is walking who?" He was a partner in our friendships and a gift would be under the tree for him every year.

He's gone now, pushing up daisies (literally). The one year old, Rocky, has taken his place. Every evening starting out with a burst of energy, picking up the girlfriends, walking the route, and in the end dragging his tail end home, eager to do it all over again tomorrow night.

Sorry, Erik, I don't think he is your dog any longer.



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