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Camping (not Glamping)

>> Sunday, July 7, 2013



Have you heard of the phrase "Glamping"? I did for the first time this weekend. However, next month we are going camping, not glamping.

I have been thinking about the menu for the camping week, so I have attached the list and would like feedback. (Clicking on the name will take you to the recipe).
Crock pot build your own potatoes
Pizza on the Grill
Mac N Cheese 
Chicken Tacos
Grilled Sweet Potatoes
Blueberry crisp
Root Beer Floats - we all know the recipe.

Also included is my own Cowboy Caviar, which I know does not need a vote, it is a given. I will make it before we leave and hot pack into mason jars. Cowboy Caviar could be lunch for me.

The poll is on the right side of the main page of my blog. Thanks in advance.



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